I’m Not Strong Enough Either

I keep getting feedback from people telling me that my CrossFit posts were great. Which is a huge compliment clearly! But after comparing CrossFit to sex and telling women that they are stupid for believing that skinny is a fitness goal, I’m not entirely sure where I can go with the topic. This isn’t a CrossFit blog, it’s just a collection of my personal thoughts. But my Stupid Skinny post had the highest number of hits in a single day that I’ve ever had, so apparently it struck a chord. (And made some people mad? Oh well, that’s what they pay me for!)


Unsurprisingly, no one believes me when I tell them they are strong enough to go to CrossFit. It doesn’t require any kind of minimum fitness level, yet I constantly hear from athletes far better than myself, saying that they don’t have the strength or that it’s scary.

I don’t really think it’s physical strength that’s the missing component. It’s really the mental aspect of giving it a chance. It is in a lot of ways similar to giving birth. Pretty much every woman is strong enough to give birth. Some just have more faith in their bodies than others. This isn’t a criticism, though surely it will be seen that way. It’s just an observation.

Just like with any sport, the hardest part is tying your shoes and going out the door. At my box, I am always the slowest, with the fewest reps and the lowest amount of weight. But it doesn’t matter because I’m only competing against myself. Pretty much once a WOD, I remind myself, “I gave birth without drugs. I can get this bar over my head three more times.” My being there at all is success in my mind.

My plan as Dillinger gets older is to instate a food rule saying that he has to try something 10 times before he can say he doesn’t like it and it gets moved off the menu. It wouldn’t be right that I require that of him but set a different standard in my own life. Additionally, something being difficult isn’t a good reason to quit – most worthwhile things usually are, as they say – and it’s definitely not a good reason to not try.

I’m not strong enough for CrossFit, it’s true. But that in itself isn’t enough to keep me from showing up. :)


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