Depressed Tor

Skipped my random Wednesday post so I’m doing it today.

I love this and somehow I missed that it was about THREATENING TO KILL A CHEATING HUSBAND! Ha. I’m SO incredibly dense sometimes.

Right now (so last night) I’m sitting here enjoying paleo “ice cream”. Blended frozen berries and coconut milk. Probably a bajillion calories. Actually tastier than real ice cream.

I’m borderline survival mode right now. Woke up in the middle of the night last night, burning up, shaky like I’d just finished a really difficult WOD and starving. I suffered through the rest of the day until now. I’m going to read my Bible, do some yoga and go to bed. Seriously hating life. But paleo ice cream is making it a little better. Yes, I just admitted to eating my paleo feelings. Shut up.

blog pics 4039

On that note, I hope I feel well enough tomorrow to go workout! Because otherwise… SUCK!

Why is it so difficult to be grateful sometimes? I really need to know! I’m pretty much never grateful for anything when I’m sick. Trying to remind myself that God is always and only gracious and good. Even when life is not enjoyable.

N and I keep talking about how nothing is on the line with marriage anymore. I feel like at one point marriage was 100% full disclosure. Your spouse had legal right to know anything and everything about your life. Now it’s illegal to share medical information, banking information and a million other things with someone’s spouse unless you have their expressed permission. I feel like fewer people would get married if they couldn’t bring entire walk in closets full of skeletons into their marriage. And, as a result, fewer people would get divorced.

Thanks for listening to me vent, y’all!


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