Name that Babe!

I saw someone else do this on their blog and I thought it might be a good idea over here.

Full disclosure, I think name meanings are quack.


(How much does this kid look like Dillinger?!)

“Victoria means VICTORIOUS!”

Ok, or what if it is simply a moniker with no real depth? If I decided to enlist in the army, would I automatically win because my name has magical powers? Does that change who I am as a person? Would I automatically have been a sour person if I had been named Mara? Or industrious if my parents had selected Melissa? I put zero stock into the supposed meaning of names. Persephone is far and away one of my favorite names and apparently it means death. WHO CARES?

I’ve never had anyone ask me what my name meant. Maybe because it’s far too obvious or perhaps because I’ve spent all my life hanging out with the wrong people (ha!) but either way it’s not really high on anyone’s list of priorities.

So then we come to Dillinger.

I’m regularly chastised by those of older generations for naming my son after a bad guy. Right. Because we all know every Charles born after the 1960s was named after Charles Manson, right? And that all Adams will eventually shot up a classroom for of children. That idea is so dumb I can’t even talk about it anymore. Moving on.

Dillinger is a derivative of either diligent or of the name of a German village. I think the concept of diligence is all but lost in our culture so if that’s really where the name came from than awesome. If not, oh well.

Dillinger has two middle names. David, which is N’s dad’s first name and my dad and brother’s middle name. Burton is his second middle, which is his great grandpa’s last name. Grandpa Ned, as well call him, didn’t have any boys. So N got the middle name Burton and so did Dillinger. And so will any other kids we might have for that matter. I really like it. I have no idea what it means. And I’m ok with that.



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2 responses to “Name that Babe!

  1. Nano

    FYI Burton means “a settlement by a fort” and comes from old english. There are a number of towns in Southern England and Wales with this name.

    • Nano

      So our sons name means Diligent (English) or Sloped Hill (Old English) or A man from Dillingen (German), beloved (Hebrew), settlement by a fort (Old English), Black Water or Black River (Scottish Gaelic).

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