Friday Love: Be Kind

At the advice of my go-to CrossFit/paleo guru, Jake S, I am not going to kick up my CrossFit into high gear until I am done nursing. I do not know when that will be. For now, I’ll be going about 2x a week. I’d like to go more often in order to get better faster but as I thought about it, it’s not worth the risk of losing my milk supply and having to feed my precious baby formula. I know some people are into that. I’m way (WAY!!) to freakin crunchy for it, personally. Like c-sections, I’m glad it’s there in the instances someone would die without it. But I don’t want to put myself in that position.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people write blogs about or post IG pictures of their grandparents lately. I think that’s so cool. All my grandparents had passed away by the time I graduated from high school and I wasn’t particularly close to any of them but slowly getting to know N’s grandparents has made me really appreciate the role that they can play in someone’s life. What a blessing to loving grandparents. If you do, don’t take them for granted. Here was one of my favorites by Sara at Glitter & Grace. Definitely go check it out.

If you could get new year’s wishes, I think I would to be kinder and to care more. I see a lot of happy, loving people who are great examples but my darker tendencies still kind of overshadow my hopes to be less… insensitive. It’s hard because I thoroughly enjoy ruffling people’s feathers. Ugh. :)





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