“That’s A Pretty Sexy Blog Post”

Following the wildest week of my life (ok, maybe I exaggerate? Not sure) I am trying to make a decent attempt at resuming my regular blogging schedule. Oh my gosh.

In light of everything that has happened, we are intentionally going broke this year. I don’t know why I like that more than saying we are going on a budget or getting out of debt. Maybe phrasing it that way makes it feel more real. And it puts a time cap on it. Whatever the reason behind it, that’s what I’m sticking with.

Finger Pressing Button on Calculator

We don’t have a ton of debt. We’ve been lucky enough to pay cash for our cars (all of which have been purchased off of family members). We don’t live beyond our means. But now we’re going to be living severely beneath our means. (Once we have them again, anyway.) Date night is going to be a bag of candy – in tonight’s case, some dark chocolate – and a movie on Netflix. No more wine. Using the library instead of buying books. Definitely no more I’m-just-going-to-buy-this-one-thing-Oh-shiz-I-spent-$70-at-Target trips.

I’m estimating it will take a year to pay off everything, including my student loans. NOT BAD. Some people dig themselves into holes that it takes years and years to get out of. It’s possible for us to get this done before we have any kids old enough to know what’s going on. That’s pretty great.

This is all stuff I know I’m supposed to do. But honestly, I have never been good at sticking to a budget. I am amazing at making them, though. Go figure.

This post over at Budgets Are Sexy helped me put some of my spending into perspective. I would NEVER drop $400 on a bottle of makeup. Not even if I had a million dollars just sitting in the bank. But I would spend $130 on contact solution because without it, I’d be blind. This post challenged me to reevaluate my regular purchases to make sure they are really worth it.

(Our new theme song? Don’t listen if you’re easily offended. There are some dirty words.)

So that’s where I am. Actually looking forward to this year and debt snowballs and no more trips to the movies. Because at some point in the next twelve months I’ll actually be able to do what all the Dave Ramsey freaks do and yell DEBT FREE. And that will make it all worth it. But first, I gotta get angry.;)

*Thanks to my husband for the title of today’s blog! Ha.



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6 responses to ““That’s A Pretty Sexy Blog Post”

  1. Trying to accomplish the same goal (debt free) – wishing you good luck on your goal! That song is funny – it’s one I want to hate, but the beat is so dang catchy!

  2. Good for you!! When our Emergency Fund gets low (like now!) and I have to put as money as I can to refill it, I always ask myself, “Do I want this item or do I want to be a millionaire?” Of course you would want contact solution rather than be a millionaire. For me I put my childhood home movies on DVD, which was a $100 expense when I was trying to save money, because I would rather have them than be a millionaire. Another way of putting things in perspective. I could not say, “Do I want this item or do I want a fully-funded Emergency Fund” because I would tell myself, “It’s just this one item…” The millionaire question works well for me.

  3. Despite your being a Republican (GASP!), we are on the same page on so many things. I heart you, from afar, having never met you.

    And really, I love Republicans. So we’re cool.

  4. I paid off all of my debt last September and it was the most awesome feeling. Best of luck on the budget! Also, that song is awesome.

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