Just The Truth

Sorry about the lack of updates.

We are in the middle of massive transition.

I don’t even know what to say.

God is good. We are so encouraged. We’ve been contacted about several jobs this week. Such a blessing. We are hoping for one offer specifically but we will see what happens. Let’s just say things might get real crazy real quick next week. Or it might not. We truly have no clue.

I wandered onto the website of our friends’ church yesterday. While looking around for a sermon to listen to, I stumbled on to a series about Christian myths. One of them was something about how valleys don’t mean a wrong turn. I chuckled to myself as I clicked on it. Because yeah. I’m not saying that we are perfect. We are sinners saved by grace. But how true is that? Not every valley means you made a wrong choice. There are so many examples of this in Scripture. Obviously, the clearest being Jesus going to the cross. That was nothing short of horrific but it didn’t happen because he’d done something wrong. God’s plan is bigger than what we can see at any given moment. I love that in God’s grace, I was able to find a random sermon that encouraged me where I was in that very moment.


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  1. So excited to join y’all in prayer. Hour’s long drive for church in the morn makes for great prayer time. The Douglasses will certainly be on the list.

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