The Thankful List

I know everyone does this. We should probably do it more often. When you’re unemployed, it seems to hold a bit more weight. And strangely, it seems easier to be thankful when your entire (financial) world is up in the air. Makes you grateful for what you have. :)

1) Today I sat at the table and was able to write checks for all our bills without worrying how we would cover them.

2) I have been able to spend the whole last half of the month with my husband. I feel soooo spoiled. There is no one I’d rather hang out with day in and day out.

3) We’ve been contacted by several people about jobs in the last week.

4) We have been selling all of our stuff because we don’t want to move it and I don’t miss it. It’s an experiment in packing light and it’s actually freeing and enjoyable so far.

5) We are all healthy! Wow. That alone is HUGE.

6) I have the cutest little jumping monkey in the world. :)




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3 responses to “The Thankful List

  1. I love this list! And that’s the cutest jumping monkey I’ve ever seen.

  2. Dash

    Love all of it and the monkey is the best!! xoxo.

  3. Ditto both the above comments. Cute little monkey.

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