A New Venture

I will be the first to admit that my life is more than a little nutty right now. However, I am starting a new project and I’m really excited about it!

DSC_0082 DSC_0080

Some of you may know that I’m pretty passionate about natural child birth. I knew when I was 15 that I wanted to have a drug free birth whenever that day came. I didn’t want to give birth on my back, I wanted to be able to eat and drink and move around if I needed to. And even at 15, I knew my body could handle it. It never really scared me.

Anyway, since Dillinger was born I have been trying to think of a way to use this passion and I finally figured it out.

I’ve started a new blog called The Natural Birth. I want to collect natural birth stories (and stories of people who want to go natural, regardless of outcome) in part because I’m a big proponent of natural birth and because I think those experiences should be shared. I was definitely looking all over the place for natural birth stories when I was pregnant. It’s just reassuring, especially when you’ve never given birth, to hear others’ experiences. And, by comparison, there are relatively few of them!

All that to say, if you have had a drug free birth experience or attempt, and would like to share it, please let me know! My info is listed above in the contact me section.



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4 responses to “A New Venture

  1. Katie

    Hey V, I want my 3rd baby to be drug free but I am scared to death!!! I had tears with Ava and Maddox and I’m scared of a worse tear with the third (when it happens).


    • I had a second degree tear with Dillinger (because he insisted on keeping his hand on his face the ENTIRE way out) but honestly, I didn’t feel it. The oxytocin and endorphins make it so you’re basically high as a kite when that baby is out. I actually felt like I was on drugs. I walked from the birth stool to the bed and then got up and walked to the bathroom before I got stitched up – felt nothing! My midwife stitched me right up and I was out and about the next day. :)

  2. L

    Guggie Daly is a blogger who has published (on her blog) a whole bunch of stories regarding birth of all kinds, including natural birth. She’s also a big advocate. If you haven’t seen her blog, I encourage you to check it out. As a labor nurse, I have lots of stories, but unfortunately they’re not mine to share. ;)

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