Hot Sisters

Two of my sisters and one of my extra-familial faves gave me a few hours today. Dillinger had fun because he had someone to give him their undivided attention and or iphone. Thanks for the fun times! Other sister needs to get in on this next time!

20130205-IMG_0057 20130205-IMG_0060 20130205-IMG_0067 20130205-IMG_0142

I still have NO CLUE how to edit. As you can seen. :)20130205-IMG_0149 20130205-IMG_0157

Caught Dillinger and Anna in the background.

20130205-IMG_0171 20130205-IMG_0175 20130205-IMG_0201 20130205-IMG_0204

Yeah, it was really windy on the river. 20130205-IMG_0209

Faces. :)20130205-IMG_0212


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