Big Guns and Africa

It’s pretty normal for me to jump from posts about my son’s sleeping habits to posts about guns! I’m sure some people will find this offensive and that’s ok. It is impossible to talk about gun safety too much!

chadian FAS

My husband left up this article on the Chadian special forces (FAS) on his browser. The picture caught my attention. It’s not as common as it should be to see a candid picture of people holding lots of guns while employing proper gun safety. I regularly am tempted to call random strangers on Instagram idiots because they don’t know the first thing about gun safety and therefore have absolutely NO BUSINESS handling one. Much less owning it. But I digress…

These guys apparently know their stuff and they deserve to be commended for that! The most basic rule of gun safety is THE GUN IS ALWAYS LOADED. What logically follows from that is that you never, EVER point your weapon at something you are not ok with destroying. And that you never have your finger on the trigger for that very same reason (until you’re ready to destroy something anyway).

Lots of folks would still be alive all over the planet if people knew and practiced these things. But many don’t, so we obviously need to keep talking about it.


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