Ok, Just Stop

This is just a short rant. People need to stop whining about “for profit” universities. All – ok almost all – universities are for private. Yes, even your beloved state school that provides education for “free”. In fact, your state school is more likely to jack prices up so they can get more government money. (Please, try to explain why the cost of tuition goes up 8% a year while you’re here.) So please stop demonizing University of Phoenix or whatever institution you happen to be hating currently. You’re making yourself look dumb.



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2 responses to “Ok, Just Stop

  1. Christine Z

    I don’t think the real beef with for profit institutions lies solely in the price tag. The point many people argue is that they set their students up for failure by charging a price for an academic program that the resulting career can’t support. Many for profit institutions encourage full financial aid packages that graduates are unable to pay back. The real question lies in what degree of responsibility we think the institution has to adequately council students when it comes to financial aid commitments.
    Additionally, tuition price tags are going up because state and federal support for public universities is plummeting. If you have a crunched education budget and are looking at public K-12 vs. public higher education, you kindof have to choose to fund the compulsory education. The students are too often having to make up the difference in tuition and fees and many universities are also seeing drops in their endowment fund balances trying to buffer the problem. I agree that the increase in cost of education isn’t sustainable, but it’s more complicated than for profit or not.

    • Those are all really good points! As with anything financial these days, there are a host of reasons for skyrocketing costs. I just wish people didn’t believe state schools were nonprofit organizations.

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