My cousin Katie is one of the most amazing writers I know. Most bloggers who meet her agree that we should all quit writing and just post links to her stuff. She just got back to Chile (where she lives) from Oregon which means she actually has time to write again. You’ll be seeing a lot of her stuff on my blog because it’s just that amazing. :)

The Red Thread Quartet

I have a friend, we’ll call her KL, who is currently battling cancer. Her Christmas card this year read “It’s a Wonderful Life.” How can she say this?  She said something to me when I was home this year that I won’t soon forget.  More than one person has told her that with the cancer, she will find out who her true friends are.  She smiled and said that it’s not true.  She has found out which of her friends can handle her cancer. Perhaps the truer statement is that we have found out who she is.  Ever more herself, her frame sparer and a downy patch of blonde sprouting where her hair has fallen out from her first round of chemo, but full of grace, ready with mercy.

For Christmas this year, a thoughtful friend made note when KL posted on Facebook a small wistful message about wishing she…

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  1. Thanks for the support Tori:)!

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