What do you guys think about all the Instagram policy changes?

I think it’s a little sad that people are losing their minds over it. In the end, Instagram is a business that needs to generate revenue or it will have to close up shop. I understand the ads and adding the online format are annoying moves but they need to be made. IG did a fantastic job of making you feel safe – no offense to anyone without an Apple product – especially before they expanded beyond just iPhone.

Feelings aren’t always aligned with reality but I realized, as much as I hate it, that it is time for me to make my Instagram account private.

It’s actually amazing to me that I lasted this long. But when I recently did a google search for my name and my entire Instagram stream showed up, I knew I had to change something. I think from a professional standpoint, it’s just a wise decision to keep your photos private. I’d you’re looking for employment or your witch of a boss discovers this newfangled thingamajig called the interwebz, your pictures can make the difference between getting a call to come into the office or not. I am no longer in the workforce but I still think it’s general wise to keep the majority of my photos under lock and key. I’ve felt this way since MySpace. Very rarely have any of my social media settings been such that someone could just type in my name and see everything I post. Twitter and my blog are the obvious exceptions to that rule, but knowing it’s all out there helps remind me to keep it kinda tame.

How much of your personal life you expose to the internet is a choice everyone has to go with their gut on. For me, all my pictures being available to everyone is not something I have ever found appealing. Maybe I will change my mind at some point on the Instagram front. But for now, I am going private.



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