Back To Work

N is back to work and it’s kind of annoying!! :) I loved having the last 4 weeks to just hang out with him and Dillinger. No jobs to set alarms for every morning, no real agenda during the day. Someone to play with D while I shower! (BEST.)

But praise The Lord for gainful employment. Did you know the Bible is the only holy book that speaks highly of hard work? I think that is amazing. I’m thankful for a husband who wants to work and provides for his family.

Dillinger and I walked to the park, and he got to swing for the first time! He seemed like he enjoyed it, too. He KO’d on the walk back, which was nice too. He’s been taking long naps lately which led me to realize – mom fail – that he’s probably spent a ton of his life this far being cranky because he needed more sleep. Oops. Sorry, Bug! I’ll try to get your naps in from now on :) We also practiced sitting!




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