Kids, Blame Games and Youth Ministry

I know I talk about this topic a lot and sort of beat youth pastors over the head for dismal portrayals of the Gospel. I should repent for that – it’s really not my place. It is terribly frustrating for me to see that 30% or less of children raised in your neighborhood youth ministry continue to attend church as an adult and this frustration has turned into a blame game on my part. But as a parent, I now realize that it is not just the youth pastors’ fault that kids are not attending church as adults. It is our fault. God is not going to hold youth pastors accountable for the actions of their former flock. He is going to hold dads accountable primarily. Statistically, if a dad does not attend church, his children will not either, regardless of other variables (mom attending, mom not attending, etc.) This is a very sobering thought for me as a mom.


This video from The Gospel Coalition discusses that topic and I was very convicted by it. If you have kids who you want to follow Jesus as adults, please watch it.

(Photo found here.)


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