About Me

I’m Victoria. Also known as Tori, Tor, Vicki Sue (only if you’re my dad), Muffin (only if you’re my mom), Vic (if I really like you and ONLY then), V to most people and @toriglass (if you’re on Twitter or Instagram) and a couple others that I occasionally let pass.

I’m a new mom living in Yakima, Washington with my baby boy and amazing husband.

My interests are rather broad. To the point of annoyance, frankly. I love economics, philosophy, finance, Shakespeare, statistics, theology, long runs, writing novels, gross stories and making inappropriate comments. Also, design (interior and graphic), cars, shooting (guns, and hopefully someday a crossbow), CrossFit, politics, fashion, making people angry… the list is almost endless. We’re expecting our first babe at the end of August. I thought I would love pregnancy. I did not. Slowly learning how to reverse engineer my day so that I can get more done. I’m painfully unorganized but I have been working on improving in this area. Learning Chinese (sometimes) for fun.

I was born in Portland, Oregon. If you know anything about it, it is liberal, pagan and hippie. I, however, was raised in a semi-large, very conservative, Christian family which makes me the biggest rarity ever. 2012 was the first time I have gotten along with all of my siblings since elementary school. It was mostly because I was a huge ass and did not react well with all the chaos of a large family. However, if I just blame it on my sisters – who moonlight as domestic terrorists – I feel a lot better about myself and can avoid taking responsibility.

I’m a Christian and I consider myself to be reformed. Good theology is a really big deal to me. I could have left faith out of my blog but I feel like that decision would have been disingenuous – something that I am working hard at avoiding. I sometimes get preachy but it’s because I’m passionate about the Gospel. You can always skip those posts if they aren’t your thing.

I’m pro-life, pro-capitalism, pro-business and pro-guns so I can come off as a super conservative. But I’m also a bit crunchy. We cosleep, I exclusively breastfeed, I gave birth without drugs. I really wish we didn’t have to vaccinate but my husband is in a profession where he’s exposed to a lot of yucky illnesses and highly contagious individuals so in our case it was the best option. We try to make up for it by BF and eating paleo, which, in my opinion, is the cure for whatever ails you.

We are a CrossFit obsessed family and you will see that obsession in my writing on a regular basis.

Some fun facts about me.

1) I was homeschooled all the way through high school.

2) My husband and I knew each other for 5 months to do the day when we got married.

3) We got married in the courthouse because planning events is not my forte.

4) I have moved over 30 times in my life. I’m 28. Do the math.

5) Most of my best friends are photographers.

6) I am way too dumb to own an iPhone. But I still do.

7) I’m pretty obsessed with paleo and internally roll my eyes when someone says anything with grains, diary, soy or sugar is healthy. Same with vegetarians.

8) Even though I’m a Christian, I think a lot of evolutionary-based science is right on. I don’t believe that nothing collided with nothing and suddenly the universe sprang into existence of its own volition. If you went home to a big screen TV and seven biological children, you wouldn’t say “Oh, nothing did this!” But as far as health goes, I put my trust in evolution-based information almost 100%.

9) I’ve worn contacts since I was 12. I have been “blind” (-4.25 and -3.25) since I was in elementary school.

10) Rainbows and bright colors are the best.

11) I regularly drop things that I am holding just because I forget it’s in my hand.

This page is constantly in process. I’m sort of updating as I go. :)


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  1. Hi! I wanted to say thanks for the subscription to the blog. I hope you enjoy it.

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