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How We Do It: Family Worship


It may strike some of you as comical that I even attempt to make family worship a habit in our home. (“Didn’t she just curse in her last blog post?!”) But, believe it or not, I do! I’ve been tossing the idea around for a while now and we have finally settled on a basic set up, at least for now.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, or followed my blog, you probably know that flexibility is a strength of mine and consistency is most certainly not. I think that even attempting to have a regular (or irregular) time for family worship glorifies God, so even if we only average one or two days a week until Dillinger graduates, that’s still over 1,300 occasions!

So my goal is to hit four days a week. I feel like that is plenty and was encouraged when Andy Stanley said that’s about how often they have prayer together at night as a family. There is nothing I want to avoid more than family worship being a miserable, mandatory religious event! Because of this, I prioritize being flexible. Days, times, content – all of it is up for debate.


This article by our pastor is my absolute favorite blog post on the topic of family worship. It’s where I have taken a lot of my queues as I have been trying to get this thing off the ground and make it a normal, if not regular, occurrence! I think the first point he makes is really important. KEEP IT SHORT! Again, creating a miserable, mandatory religious event is the quickest way to turn family worship into family warfare. There are times where as a parent, you lose even if you win. My advice would be to walk this line very carefully. I think that unless conversation goes long organically, even 30 minutes is really pushing it, even for high schoolers.


After much internal arguing, I get up and make breakfast for Dillinger and myself and sometimes my husband. (Oops. Maybe I should work on husband’s breakfast as an act of service and worship?) Immediately after eating we start by learning the kids New City Catechism. This is incredibly important to me. So many children grow up attending church and memorizing verses but don’t know anything about Biblical doctrine. Dillinger is too young to repeat it, but I ask the question twice and then give the kids’ answer. The colored text is the portion selected for younger children.

After that, I dust the eggs off of Dillinger into the trash and we read a chapter of the Jesus Storybook Bible. The majority of children’s Bibles are essentially tales in moralism (“Be brave like Daniel”, “Work hard like Joseph”, “Follow God like Abraham”) but our performance is not the heart of the Gospel. So I was pretty darn picky about the Bible we were going to be reading for the next few years!

Finally we pray for sanctification and that the Lord would use the day to make us more like Jesus. Then I turn on some hymns and we rock out while Dillinger tears the house apart and I do the dishes and attempt to overtake him in his mess making.

Then Dillinger has “quiet time” in his room while mom takes a shower and then we are officially ready to start our day!


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Short List of Pacific Northwest-Inspired Baby Names

We wanted to go for an Americana theme with our children’s names. Originally we wanted to go the Latin route but our last name ends with S and Lucius Glass is a little over the top. ;) Americana names are a little rough because we have so much history readily available and associations are still pretty strong. But history, though ugly, is the father of us all. I’m a strong believer that names can and should be redeemed.


Here are few names I found in a short search that have easy PWN ties.




-West (duh!)










-Clark (again, duh!)






A few others that go on the Americana list though not necessarily limited to PNW include








Picture found here.

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Little Things

I haven’t discussed this much around here but Dillinger is not the best sleeper. Or eater. To say the least.

Originally, I thought I was going to use some form of cry it out/Baby Wise but after a friend persuaded me to do some research, I realized the negatives outweighed the positives for me. So I bought a little sleeper/bassinet and prepared to have Dillinger sleep right next to our bed. Biggest waste of $30 EVER, kid was in it for maybe an hour total over the first three weeks and I gave up.

photo 2(1)

Cosleeping was the only way I got any sleep without leaving Dillinger to work himself into hysteria. Any time he slept elsewhere, I was up 30 times a night (not exaggerating) trying to get him to go back to sleep. I realize that not every sleeping situation works for every family but I’m convinced whoever invented nurseries was just playing a cruel joke. At least with Dillinger in bed with me, I only had to wake up once every hour or two, I could feed him on the spot and we could both drift off to sleep again.

I actually got to the point where I enjoyed feeding Dillinger but he continued to eat every other hour or more through four months. I essentially wrote off anyone who said their baby slept most of the night or ate every four hours as a liar. The day he hit four months, I started giving him bites of sweet potato. The every-two-hours feedings were just too much! In retrospect I would have just toughed it out but after four straight months of feedings every two hours, I was a bit overwhelmed.

Anyway, he seemed to make this week. He’s only waking up once at night to eat and sometimes once early in the morning. Such an improvement from just a week ago. I don’t even expect it to last but four nights of good sleep after six months feels pretty great. I will take what I can get!

photo 1(1)

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Name that Babe!

I saw someone else do this on their blog and I thought it might be a good idea over here.

Full disclosure, I think name meanings are quack.


(How much does this kid look like Dillinger?!)

“Victoria means VICTORIOUS!”

Ok, or what if it is simply a moniker with no real depth? If I decided to enlist in the army, would I automatically win because my name has magical powers? Does that change who I am as a person? Would I automatically have been a sour person if I had been named Mara? Or industrious if my parents had selected Melissa? I put zero stock into the supposed meaning of names. Persephone is far and away one of my favorite names and apparently it means death. WHO CARES?

I’ve never had anyone ask me what my name meant. Maybe because it’s far too obvious or perhaps because I’ve spent all my life hanging out with the wrong people (ha!) but either way it’s not really high on anyone’s list of priorities.

So then we come to Dillinger.

I’m regularly chastised by those of older generations for naming my son after a bad guy. Right. Because we all know every Charles born after the 1960s was named after Charles Manson, right? And that all Adams will eventually shot up a classroom for of children. That idea is so dumb I can’t even talk about it anymore. Moving on.

Dillinger is a derivative of either diligent or of the name of a German village. I think the concept of diligence is all but lost in our culture so if that’s really where the name came from than awesome. If not, oh well.

Dillinger has two middle names. David, which is N’s dad’s first name and my dad and brother’s middle name. Burton is his second middle, which is his great grandpa’s last name. Grandpa Ned, as well call him, didn’t have any boys. So N got the middle name Burton and so did Dillinger. And so will any other kids we might have for that matter. I really like it. I have no idea what it means. And I’m ok with that.


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All That Glitters Is Victoria

Nameberry, one of my favorite websites, had this brilliant article about how older siblings want a say in naming babies. I laughed hysterically, remembering my hilarious adventures into Naming Land.

I specifically remember my mom being pregnant with my youngest sister. She was raiding the old baby name book that she had, coming up with a list of 8 or so girls’ names that my dad would pick from later when he got home. I asked if I could have a say and my mother simply scoffed at the idea. If I recall correctly, she didn’t even allow me to see the list until after my dad had made his decision. I was rude and opinionated – still am! – and she didn’t want my feedback at all.

This made me sad. After all, I had just turned 8! I was old enough to have a say, too. My parents had much better taste in names than 8 year old me and chose Anastasia. Which is pretty amazing.

I’ve told this story before but when I was 3 my mom told me that my middle name was Jeannette, her first name. I didn’t like this because I wanted a name all my own. A few years ago my mom told me to change it if I didn’t like it, but now I like it a lot. In fact, I think she should give it up so that it’s all mine! ;)

At some point, I decided I hated my first name (really? Stupid, stupid child.) and wanted a new one. Victoria was far too boring and unoriginal. My selections varied over the years, going from Roxanne (soooo original to me at the time?) to Christabelle (which I originally thought was pronounced “CHRIST AY bell”) and finally settling on Nevada which I started using as my name on all my school papers. (Have I mentioned that I was homeschooled?! Ha.) Then in high school, I decided everyone should stop calling me Victoria and start calling me Jae. I still think Jae is cute but talk about a serious downgrade from Victoria.

The girl names I liked went from Judith (interesting) to Emma (before that trend took off) to Ryleah (pronounced Riley, because growing up we always pronounced Leah “Lee”). After graduating my favorite names were Sybella, Emerald and Amaurey. When I met my husband my favorite girls names were Harper Mae, Hyatt and Gentry. Naturally, all of those names made my husband want to puke. His favorites were Dasha, Diedre and Hephzibah. (Because THOSE go together? M’k.)

Looking back on my favorite names, which do you think I still like? The ones I fell for AFTER I graduated from high school. My conclusion after thinking it over is this. Letting kids choose baby names is how you come up with winners like Flower Napkins. Most kids just don’t have any concept of anything beyond the present. And Christmas. So as much as Dillinger may hate his brother and/or sister’s names, he isn’t going to have any real say in them. Both of their names have already been selected and since I’m not having any ultrasounds next time if I can avoid it, we won’t even have to talk about it. Though I am curious to see if Dillinger hates his name as much as I hated mine. Only time will tell. Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 5.41.21 PM

Photo by the wonderful and talented Nancy Noble. Used with permission. :)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Friday Love: Joy (And Bling)

I’m obsessed with my Christmas present. In fact, I don’t think I have been this excited about a gift in several years. Possibly ever. Santa was good to me. Or my husband thought I deserved a push present. (He deserves a new car for the trauma of watching, I guess? I will work on that!) Whatever the case, I am a happy girl.

Of course, I would have been happy with NO presents. I have an amazing marriage and beautiful little boy who charms me daily. We have our health and I’m one of those lucky mommas who gets to stay home with her baby. Currently, I am enjoying a glass of wine and watching one of my favorite movies. I’m beyond content. We don’t have everything we want but we have far more than we need. We deserve hell. Anything beyond that is the grace of God.

We are grateful. 20121225-IMG_0080



What are you loving this last Friday of 2012?

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Thursday Hate: Being Sick

Right now I am sitting next to Dillinger who is tucked into OUR bed and having a hard time staying asleep. Recently he switched his schedule from a bedtime of about 7 pm to a bedtime of 11 pm or later. This is insane. My son is also very much a physical touch kind of a person. Maybe this is true of all babies but he needs affection in the form of being held, kissed hugged. He will hold onto my hand with both of his and he drifts to sleep because he needs the reassurance. I shudder to think about if I were a different person and wrote him off as too needy and just left him to cry. Being a physical touch high needs person myself (my husband refers to us both as militant snugglers), I know why God gave me the most cuddly boy to ever live.

My nose is running. Two days ago my throat was on fire. It’s as if I am getting a cold in stages instead of one fell swoop. This way is definitely better to the other way. I hate being sick though because I am constantly with Dillinger. Because I don’t know many people in Yakima yet,  he rarely sees anyone besides his dad and me. I’m going to be very upset if he gets sick. SHUT UP. I know kids getting sick is normal but I think it’s really crummy to have a cold when you’re four months and already have respiratory trouble. It is what it is though and God will give us grace to get through it.

In the meantime, where did I put that glass of wine?

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