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Short List of Pacific Northwest-Inspired Baby Names

We wanted to go for an Americana theme with our children’s names. Originally we wanted to go the Latin route but our last name ends with S and Lucius Glass is a little over the top. ;) Americana names are a little rough because we have so much history readily available and associations are still pretty strong. But history, though ugly, is the father of us all. I’m a strong believer that names can and should be redeemed.


Here are few names I found in a short search that have easy PWN ties.




-West (duh!)










-Clark (again, duh!)






A few others that go on the Americana list though not necessarily limited to PNW include








Picture found here.


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Status Update

We are back in Portland for the time being. Happy news of the moment – we sort of have more work than we know what to do with! No longer unemployed which is a huge (HUGE) blessing!


New York is up in the air for the time being. It’s solid but we aren’t sure when the position is actually going to have a set start date. So for the meantime, we hustle. Kinda. Having a six month old is basically the same as hustling, right?!


Anyway, things are looking up for us. I am grateful. We are excited to be in Portland to spend time with family and friends, to save money and work and be in community. God is good.

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Hot Sisters

Two of my sisters and one of my extra-familial faves gave me a few hours today. Dillinger had fun because he had someone to give him their undivided attention and or iphone. Thanks for the fun times! Other sister needs to get in on this next time!

20130205-IMG_0057 20130205-IMG_0060 20130205-IMG_0067 20130205-IMG_0142

I still have NO CLUE how to edit. As you can seen. :)20130205-IMG_0149 20130205-IMG_0157

Caught Dillinger and Anna in the background.

20130205-IMG_0171 20130205-IMG_0175 20130205-IMG_0201 20130205-IMG_0204

Yeah, it was really windy on the river. 20130205-IMG_0209

Faces. :)20130205-IMG_0212

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Last Weekend of 2012

Didn’t get a chance to do our weekend recap because we were in Portland having a late Christmas with our families. So I’m recapping now, in the middle of the week. Sort of like Throwback Thursday on Sunday. ;)

Friday we headed down to Portland. The drive between Yakima and Portland is scenic and when it snows pretty much magical. We stopped just north of Goldendale, Washington to eat at St John’s Monastery. The monastery is Greek Orthodox and it was quite refreshing to my soul to be in a place that was wholly devoted to serving the Lord. Even though we weren’t there for more than half an hour, I felt a sort of peace that lingered with me all day. It was lovely.


Driven past here several times and never even noticed it. Typical.20121228-IMG_0014

I love the term “the forerunner”. Evangelicals and Reformed folks pretty much exclusively say John the Baptist.20121228-IMG_0033

I know that everyone hates windmills and thinks that they are fugly AND that wind energy is ridiculously expensive for the amount of power produced. But growing up, we always thought that wind farms were really cool. I still do. This one is between the Columbia River and Goldendale. 20121228-IMG_0051


Apologies for all my crazy photo edits. I have no clue what I’m doing. The Columbia River Gorge.photo 2

Incense burners for sale at the monastery. photo 4

Yummy, homemade treats and one of the nuns. 20121228-IMG_0044 20121228-IMG_0048   20121228-IMG_0059

I love the dreary, wintery chill in this picture. Makes me want to listen to Bon Iver.


Dillinger with my dad.20121229-IMG_0105

Dillinger with my mom.20121229-IMG_0125

A very weird picture of my BIL Ben, my sister, Alexandra, and my brother, Stevie.


Anastasia photobombing a picture of Alexandra and Ben. :)20121229-IMG_0140

Dillinger with his unca Trevor. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful first day of the New Year!

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Dear Nancy, Love Graybeard

Nancy Noble is one of my favorite people that I’ve ever met.

I remember the first time I saw her. In real life. There were no myspace pictures or cell phone snapshots before this moment. She walked out of the door of her cute house in a jacket, jeans and flip flops. In October. In North Portland. She had red hair.

I commented on that. I knew I would like her. I mean, I just knew it.

(The first night we ever hung out. With our favorite Sophiedoll!)

I said, “Oh, she has red hair. I was just talking about that, remember?” (The person I was speaking to likely did not remember but that’s ok. I know I had been talking about red headed people and how I needed one in my life not even a week prior.)

Nancy hopped into the car with my friends Tyler and Sophie and we followed along, heading downtown to somewhere. To show Nancy around her brand new city/home and take pictures and drink coffee and sit on the Steel Bridge and laugh. And laugh and laugh.

Nancy is one of the most incredible humans you will ever meet. I mean that. Ever.

Soon after we met, we started going to lunch every Wednesday because we worked a few miles apart. She was the one person who really called me out on my mistakes in love because she cared about me, not because it reflected poorly on her or she enjoyed bossing people around. It was sincere and very Christlike. I will always appreciate that about her.

We’ve only really been in one… arguement. Frankly, I don’t even know if I should call it that. But whatever it was, it was definitely my fault. I promised that I would help her and then slacked off and didn’t follow through. She called me out on it – again in love – because I needed it. (If you can’t tell, I spent a lot of time screwing around when I should have been committed and disciplined but those stories for another blog!) I had really let her down and strangely, it still makes me hurt that I failed to be there when she needed me and offered me an opportunity to excel. That’s what Nancy does because she’s just that kind of person.

Tomorrow, Nancy starts a new chapter in her life and I couldn’t be more excited for her. She has been through so much with life and relationships (and having to deal with ME! Heh.) I’m so thankful that the Lord brought her an amazing man to defend her, provide for her, adore her and serve her and love her like Christ loves the church. (Ummm, how could you not be stoked on that?)

Dear Naia,

Thanks for being such an amazing and faithful friend to me and to our friends (Sophie, Tyler and Jess specifically but all of them are included in this!) I’m so excited for this new chapter in your life. I pray that the Lord fills it with light and love and blessing and abundance. I hope that a year from now, you look back on that happiest year you’ve ever had. That you taste and see the Lord is good.

I love you!


*          *          *

All photos taken by (I think!) Tyler Gould, Sophie Hawley, myself and whoever took Nancy + Jason’s engagement photos. I will find out and give proper credit to them asap!

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